This website is no longer being updated. Our new Benefice website should be going live in July 2015.


Links & Resources

Possibly the greatest asset to our website is this resources centre. As well as being able to browse past sermons and news articles, there are also hints and tips for everything from writing intercessions to reading in church - an invaluable tool tailored to be understandable. We also hold details of which readings are going to be used in our services each week within the Hints & Tips area.

Equally available are a variety of rotas from parishioners who take responsibility for coordinating jobs within church. Please encourage anybody you know who organises a rota for any aspect of church life to send a copy for inclusion in this section of the site. In addition you will find the Bible readings used each month in our services, well as details of our Benefice library and wonderful award-winning parish magazines. The final things you will find within this section are our formal website policies which are there for your convenience.

As you will notice we have a selection of documents available to download throughout the site. In most cases these are in PDF format, a standard file type for which the free Adobe Reader can be downloaded from their website in case you do not already have it installed. There are further documents not shown elsewhere below for your perusal.