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Confirmation Service at St Margaret's

04/11/2012 6:30 pm

The Bishop of Rochester is coming to St Margaret's Church, Halstead, on 4th November for a Confirmation Service.

Baptism is the sacrament we use to show that a person has become a member of God's family. In the Church of England we baptise (christen) babies, because we want them to be included in God's Family from the start...

However because they are unable to make a decision for themselves, we have godparents, who make promises on the baby's behalf, on the understanding that one day, when the child feels ready, they will make the promises for themselves (or "confirm" them). This can happen at any age, but at least in the teens when they are able to understand the promises and privileges involved. In a special celebration service, the Bishop lays his hands on the candidate and confirms them. But before that can happen, people need to be really sure of the promises and privileges of the Christian faith. So we provide a short series of "Confirmation Classes" to allow people to explore their faith, with a possibility of being confirmed. No pressure is applied! If you are interested, please contact the Rector, John.